Cajami international is a hostess agency specialised in supervising protocols, corporates, sport and VIP events.

Since its launching in 2000, the agency has continuously innovated to provide its clients a range of high standards and tailored made services that meet their expectations and demands.

More than just a service provider, we are eager to assist and advise our clients. Our goal: to build a strong partnership and efficient cooperation in order to anticipate each of our clients' specific needs and to provide them with a team that meets the uniqueness of their event.



In order to guarantee the quality of its services, Cajami International approaches clients that correspond to a predefined targeted profile specialised in “intellectual and VIP” events. Indeed, Cajami International’s principle objective is to build a solid partnership and establish an efficient cooperative relationship with its new clients. Thanks to the climate of confidence that is very quickly established, Cajami International in fact operates as a right-hand for its loyal clients. Another asset is it's rigour in maintaining itself up to date with legal requirements, keeping the clients informed and assuming the role of advisor.

The choice to remain discrete emphasises the brand image of which each host and hostess have to be worthy representatives.  The results speak for themselves. On the one hand, new clients contacting Cajami International are nearly always through the direct recommendation of existing clients, or by witnessing for themselves, the professional services rendered by the Cajami International team on events that the potential clients actually attend as a visitor. On the other hand Cajami International retains the loyalty of its clients for many years.

Another aspect in which Cajami International can make the difference is in suggesting appropriate outfits for every event, for example, evening dresses for VIP soirees, a sober suit for receptions, a uniform for exhibitions, sports attire… For certain events Cajami International has at its disposition luxurious evening dresses in combination with pashminas in contrasting colours corresponding to the client’s corporate identity colours.

Moreover, the choice of clothing by the agency is always adapted to the modern woman or man: young, stylish and dynamic. Upon request of the client, examples can be made available.


This list is not exhaustive but gives an overview of the diverse services offered by Cajami International's team :

Hosts and hostesses for expositions, vernissages, cocktails and concerts/theatre/first night events.

Responsibility for various activities associated with golf tournaments, regattas and car racing event such as the 24 Hours of Francorchamps and Formula 1.

Registration of guests and distribution of badges during VIP events.

Hostesses for congresses, conferences, seminars abroad.

Incentives in Belgium and abroad.

Professional models for fashion shows , photo shoots and video/movies.

Team of advisors and hostesses for larger events such as The European Brussels Motor Show or Batibouw.

Shuttle Service with professional drivers (male or female) with a minimum of five years driving experience (legal disposition).

Promotional open houses and launches of new products.

Drivers, cloakroom attendants and valet parking service.



The team present on the field is the first contact with your guests and clients. « You only have one chance to make a good first impression ». It is therefore essential for the team to be able to adapt immediately to the circumstances, to feel at ease with and to put at ease every type of guest, be it a politician, a celebrity, or a member of the general public.

As is the case for certain exclusive associations, our recruits are always recommended by word of mouth, meaning someone from within our team. Nevertheless, a searching interview is conducted with each potential recruit in order to put across the philosophy of Cajami International and to communicate the obligations and no-go areas in general or of concern relative to each individual client.

Then the selection is confirmed on the basis of strict criteria- the candidate must be at the very least bi-lingual, general appearance consistent with the VIP image of Cajami International, attitude (pleasant demeanour, pro-active, open-minded, accessible...), manner of expressing him/herself, ability to integrate easily within a team and with a client, punctuality, professionalism and independence are required characteristics for the Cajami candidate.

As most clients differ in their requirements, flexibility is the key to responding efficiently to the client's needs and this eventually depends on the age and experience of the team members.  The selection of candidates for the team reflects this and our hosts/hostesses age range lies between 22 and 45 years old.



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